Why Inside Car Connection?

Two reasons. TIME & MONEY.

Are you in the market for a high demand/low supply vehicle? If so, you will have limited choices in terms of color and options, unless you are willing to wait months for a factory order. You will also have NO leverage in negotiating a "deal" because your local dealer will have more buyers than vehicles.

If you spent countless hours contacting hundreds of dealers, the odds of finding the ideal car would go up dramatically. If you had decades of experience in auto sales, working every position from sales associate to General Sales Manager and acquiring hundreds of dealer contacts along the way, the odds of finding a "deal" would also go up dramatically.

ICC has already done the heavy lifting for you and we have the experience needed to find the perfect car at a great price. Take advantage of our tireless effort and vast expertise.

ICC will save you time. ICC will save you money.

Available Cars

2019 Porsche GT3RS

Color: Green


Please call for details. 484.885.7777

2018 Porsche GT2RS

Color: Blue


Voodoo Blue Weissach Package with Magnesium Wheels. Call for details...484.885.7777

2018 Porsche GT3 Touring

Color: Gray


950 miles. Front Lift, Leather Package, Lightweight Bucket Seats. Please call for full details...484.885.7777